Indian Nations Agreement Signed with Washington State to Provide Indian Child Welfare Services

Under the terms of the agreement, which recognizes the government-to-government relationship between federally-recognized tribes and the United States, Tlingit & Haida will collaborate closely with DCYF to deliver culturally sensitive and responsive services that prioritize the well-being of tribal children and families. Read the full article at Alaska Native News.

In re K.J.B., June 11, 2015, (Washington)

Synopsis provided by Westlaw: In child protection proceeding, the Yakima Superior Court, David A. Elofson, J., terminated father’s parental rights. Father appealed. Holdings provided by Westlaw: The Court of Appeals, Lawrence-Berrey, J., held that: (1) state satisfied notice requirements of Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) by notifying Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), but not “Blackfoot” … Read more

Washington Tribes Urge Restart of Background Checks in Child Placement

Washington tribes and the country’s largest group representing Native Americans are asking for state and federal help in getting background checks when a tribe needs to place a child with a foster parent in an emergency situation. The state’s Children’s Administration, a division of the Department of Social and Health Services, had conducted the criminal … Read more

A Practical Guide to the Indian Child Welfare Act

The Guide is intended to answer questions and provide a comprehensive resource of information on the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). The online version at was created as a complement to the print version of the Guide, which was printed by the Native American Rights Fund in 2007. While the topical sections are identical … Read more