Bills would ensure guardianship cases in tribal court are eligible for state assistance

Right now, people who become a child’s legal guardian aren’t eligible for state assistance if their case is in a Michigan tribal court. Two bills in the state legislature would change that. They would extend the financial benefits of the Guardianship Assistance Program to all legal guardians, regardless of what court handles their case. Read … Read more

In re J.S. March 25, 2014, (Montana)

Synopsis provided by Westlaw: Department of Public Health and Human Services filed petition for legal guardianship, seeking to award guardianship of Indian child, who had been adjudicated a youth in need of care, to foster parents. The District Court, 20th Judicial District, Lake County, Deborah Kim Christopher, J., granted petition. Child’s father appealed. Holdings provided … Read more

Department of Health and Human Services v. J.G., January 2, 2014, (Oregon)

Synopsis provided by Westlaw: “Department of Human Services moved to appoint Indian child’s current foster parent as child’s legal guardian. The Circuit Court, Klamath County, Cameron F. Wogan, J., granted motion. Mother appealed.” View the decision at the National Indian Law Library website.