Assessing An NPR Report On The Indian Child Welfare Act

A Dec. 17 report on All Things Considered about the Indian Child Welfare Act prompted harsh criticism from the Native American Journalists Association, which called it “inaccurate and imprecise.” A meeting between NAJA leaders and NPR editors resulted in a clarification being posted on the online version of the piece, but NAJA members continued to have concerns about the reporting.  Read … Read more

South Dakota disputes NPR report on placement (Argus Leader)

More than a year after a controversial National Public Radio investigation into violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act in South Dakota, an ombudsman report judging its accuracy has yet to see the light of day. …From the beginning, though, state officials have called the NPR series misleading. While it’s common for targets of news … Read more

Maine, Tribes Seek ‘Truth And Reconciliation’ (NPR)

In Maine, an unusual and historic process is under way to document child welfare practices that once resulted in Indian children being forcibly removed from their homes. Many of the native children were placed with white foster parents. Chiefs from all five of Maine’s tribes, along with Gov. Paul LePage, have created a Truth and … Read more

NPR News Investigations: Native American Children In Foster Care

Beginning in October 2011, NPR has created a series of investigative pieces looking at Native American foster care in South Dakota.  The pieces raise issues about the ethics of the current system, the historical context of Native American foster, and possible violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act. October, 2011 – Native Foster Care: Lost … Read more