The Hard Lives — and High Suicide Rate — of Native American Children on Reservations

[T]he silence that has shrouded suicide in Indian country is being pierced by growing alarm at the sheer number of young Native Americans taking their own lives — more than three times the national average, and up to 10 times on some reservations. Read the full article at the Washington Post website. Read the statement … Read more

Interview: Sen. Dorgan on Native Youth, Sequestration, and the Dysfunctional Congress

I’m really pleased with what [the Center for Native American Youth has] done so far. We’ve created a start-up non-profit from scratch. In 2 ½ years, I think we’ve done some significant things. We’re focusing on the well-being of Native American youth; we’re working on teen suicide prevention; and education opportunities—a series of issues. We’re … Read more