Latest Media Coverage of “Baby Veronica” Case

South Carolina governor comments on Baby Veronica (, 9/9/2013)

Father of Cherokee girl in middle of custody dispute files new appeal to Okla. Supreme Court (Washington Post, 9/6/2013)

Baby Veronica case: Dusten Brown files second appeal with state supreme court (Tulsa World, 9/6/2013)

In re Adoptive Couple of Baby Girl (“Baby Veronica”): Okla. Supreme Court grants stay to keep girl with biological dad (Family Law Prof Blog, 9/6/2013)

The Feminist Defense for Baby Veronica’s Dad and ICWA (Indian Country Today, 9/6/2013)

‘Baby Veronica’ birth father freed after surrendering (Reuters, 9/5/2013)

Dad of Cherokee girl at center of custody fight challenging extradition to face charges in SC (Washington Post, 9/5/2013)

Okla. Governor Signs Extradition Order; Dusten Brown Turns Himself In (Indian Country Today, 9/5/2013)

Okla. Court Puts Hold On Return Of ‘Baby Veronica’ To S.C. (NPR, 9/4/2013)

Experts see no end in sight for Okla. custody case (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/4/2013)