2013 Indian Child Welfare Training Institutes (NICWA, Oregon)

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June 5–6, 2013 | Portland, Oregon

Participants may choose one of the two workshops listed below.

Introduction to Tribal Child Welfare

This two-day workshop is designed for tribal staff, tribal council members, or child welfare committee or commission members who are new to the field of child welfare. Participants will receive an overview of tribal child welfare services and practices with a special focus on the relationship between sovereignty and a tribe’s role in keeping children safe.

Positive Indian Parenting


Our most popular training, Positive Indian Parenting prepares tribal and non-tribal child welfare personnel to train American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) parents using a culturally specific approach. The materials presented during this two-day training draw on the strengths of historic Indian child-rearing patterns and blend traditional values with modern skills.

August 20–21, 2013 | Portland, Oregon

Participants may choose one of the two workshops listed below.

NICWA’s Medicaid Toolkit: A Tool for Building and Expanding upon Tribal Children’s Mental Health Delivery Systems

Tribal children’s mental health program sustainability is dependent upon funding, among other factors. Medicaid is the largest health insurance program for low-income Americans and remains severely underutilized by AI/AN programs. This two-day institute unveils a new tool NICWA developed for tribal programs interested in accessing and increasing the use of Medicaid as a payer source for children’s mental health services.

Developing Professional and Organizational Capacity for Cultural Competence

The purpose of this institute is to enhance the participant’s understanding of the need for both professional and organizational cultural competence. The presenter will present definitions of cultural competence and discuss a model for both individual and organizational capacity development.

September 9–12, 2013 | Portland, Oregon

Participants may choose one of the two series below. Each series has two interrelated workshops; participants can choose to take one or both workshops in the progression.


Understanding the Indian Child Welfare Act (Sept 9–10)

Advanced Practice in ICWA (Sept 11–12)


Overview of Tribal In-Home Services Systems of Care (Sept 9–10)

Planning and Sustaining Tribal In-Home Services Systems of Care (Sept 11–12)