Media Coverage of the Supreme Court Hearing in “Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl”

SCOTUS to rule in Baby Veronica case by midsummer
Live 5 WCSC  2013/04/16
WASHINGTON, DC (WCSC)- After listening to an hour and a half of oral arguments, Supreme Court justices officially submitted Baby Veronica custody case hearing at the national level. Now it’s a waiting game …

Adoption Case Brings Rare Family Law Dispute To Supreme Court
Take the usual agony of an adoption dispute. Add in the disgraceful U.S. history of ripping Indian children from their Native American families. Mix in a dose of initial fatherly abandonment. And ther…

Supreme Court Takes on ICWA
Indian Country Today Media Network
JUSTICE SCALIA: Your — your argument assumes that the phrase in the statute “to prevent the breakup of the Indian family” only applies where -where the father has custody. I don’t — I don’t know why…

Justices Hear Case of Adopted Indian Child
New York Times
WASHINGTON A Supreme Court argument on Tuesday over the fate of a 3-year-old girl operated on three levels: as a wrenching adoption dispute, as a technical parsing of a complex federal law meant to pr…

Supreme Court conflicted about what law dictates for Baby Veronica
Washington Post
Supreme Court justices appeared deeply conflicted Tuesday as they considered the fate of Baby Veronica, whose adoptive parents were ordered to return her to the Native American father who once gave up…

Supreme Court hears custody dispute over adopted girl
Los Angeles Times (CA)
April 17–WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court was asked Tuesday to decide who should raise a 3 1/2-year-old girl who was given up by her single mother: the South Carolina couple who adopted her at birth o…