Latest Media Coverage of “Baby Veronica” Case

Baby Veronica returned to adoptive parents (Washington Post, 9/24/2013)

‘Baby Veronica’ Handed Over To Adoptive Parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco (Huffington Post, 9/24/2013)

Capobiancos returning to James Island with Veronica (, 9/24/2013)

“Baby Veronica” handed over to adoptive parents, Cherokee Nation confirms (CBS News, 9/24/2013)

Biological father Dusten Brown hands over Cherokee child ‘Baby Veronica’ to Capobiancos (, 9/24/2013)

Adoptive parents take custody of Veronica from biological father (Tulsa World, 9/24/2013)

Cherokee child handed over to adoptive parents (Kansas City Star, 9/23/2013)