American Indian Enhancement Project Toolkit

The American Indian Enhancement (AIE) Project Toolkit provides the concepts, guidance, and action steps necessary for developing a programmatic infrastructure within the child welfare agency to improve outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native families and children in the child welfare system. The toolkit is designed to assist your county to advance child welfare practice and achieve compliance with the letter and spirit of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

The toolkit includes:

  • Definitional Tools: Describe the purpose, approach, and models.
  • Engagement and Communication Tools: Provide guidance for engaging staff and stakeholders.
  • Assessment Tools
  • Planning Tools: Identify the stepsĀ  for implementation.
  • Training, Coaching, and Transfer of Learning Tools: Include curricula and other resources related to child welfare practices.
  • Evaluation Tools

The American Indian Enhancement Team is an effort of the California Disproportionality Project, a Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BSC) resourced through The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the California Department of Social Services, Casey Family Programs, and the Stuart Foundation, in collaboration with the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Child and Family Policy Institute of California, the California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership, the California Social Work Education Center, and Tribal STAR. Participating Counties include Fresno, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino.