Federal Court Rules on Jurisdiction relating to the Indian Child Welfare Act

In Jones v. Lummi, a federal judge in the state of Washington ruled on an issue relating to tribal jurisdiction.
Here is some text from his 10/22/13 opinion: “More than 20 days have now passed since the court issued its September 30, 2013, order, and neither Mr. Jones nor Defendants have filed a timely response to the court’s order to show cause. Because neither party has responded or challenged the analysis contained within the court’s September 30, 2013, order, the court concludes, consistent with that order, that Lummi Tribal Court has jurisdiction to issue the domestic violence protection order at issue that placed the custody of M.J. temporarily with her mother, Jackie Rose Jones, under the VAWA. Accordingly, the court enters summary judgment in favor of Defendants and dismisses this action in its entirety.”

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